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Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals – The Role of the European Union

The role of culture for sustainable development is reflected in a cross-cutting manner in many of the targets of Agenda 2030, thus the Agenda is essential to international cultural relations and external cultural policy on EU member states level, but also for the EU’s external cultural relations. In addition, the implementation of the Agenda applies …

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Time to reach for the Moon

The EU needs to step up action and lead the transformation to sustainability – Civil society SDG
monitoring report

SDG Watch Europe, an EU-wide, cross-sectoral civil society alliance, has brought together its members from development, environment, social, human rights and other sectors to provide their expertise and to hold the EU to account on …

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‘Social Housing at the centre’ A vision for 2020 and beyond

Contribution of Housing Europe to the Habitat III conference Quito – 17th-20th October 2016

Presentation related to Target 1 of Goal 11: “By 2030, ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services and upgrade slums”

Goal 11

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals from a Water Perspective

This paper addresses some of these challenges related to implementation and monitoring of the targets of the SDGs from a water perspective, based on the key findings of a conference organized in 2015 focused on three essential aspects of SDGs: indicators, inter-linkages, and implementation. The paper argues that indicators should not be too simple and …

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Sustainable Development Goal Labs (SDG Labs)

The SDG Lab is a space where Member States, UN, civil society, international organisations and other stakeholders can share their challenges and successful practices in implementing Agenda 2030, where their results can be disseminated wand where emerging ideas, policies and partnerships can be experimented. The SDG Lab is a connector, a convener and an amplifier.

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SDG charter

The SDG Charter will work on enabling SDG Solution Partnerships, together with the Major Alliance, a joint initiative of philanthropy, business and government. They are in the process of starting up various partnerships with a clear action focus.

Seventy organisations from business and civil society are signatories of this charter and they are ready to …

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The responsibility dimension of the SDGs beyond national borders:Tracking Germany’s Biomass Consumption

In this paper we apply two different methods to analyse the supply chains of soy and palm oil for German use and consumption, and the displaced (external) environmental impacts associated with this consumption: a) the environmentally extended multi-regional input–output (MRIO) model IOTA; and b) the enhanced material flow analysis (MFA) model SEI-PCS.

This paper presents …

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