This flowchart is custom made for NGOs in the EU that find themselves at various stages of involvement in the SDG agenda: all the way from “what are SDGs?” to “I’m convinced but still struggling to get started”. Blue boxes are hyperlinks to different parts of the toolkit or to external websites

YES NO NO IDEA NO NO YES NO IDEA NO YES NO IDEA NO YES Check here Read here howothers made one NO IDEA YES NO NO IDEA YES YES NO NO SDGs are the abbreviation for Seriously Dedicated Groundhogs Take a deep breath, have a coffee and follow the arrow The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are just 15 more years of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) so the development and social NGOs can deal with it There’s an NGO-coalition doing campaign and policy work on SDG implementation in my country There’s a person in my government that needs to make sure my country implements the SDGs My government has a sustainable development strategy, with progress reports etc. In 2016, 22 countries submitted a national voluntary review to the UN. Is your country 1 of the 22? Can NGOs give inputs on the next review and on new action plans for SDG implementation? Check your country in this list Get in touch with the focal point Ask why! Shame! Check your country in this list Has it been updated for SDG implementation? Join it! I know that 59 of the 169 targets are environmental and that ALL countries have SDGs to implement Check here Good. Read it. See holes?Suggest improvement Ask why! Ask why! Ask your peers Get inspiration fromour policy tools Wrong answer.We suggest you go to “What is it?” NO IDEA YES NO NO My government has a council on sustainability where stakeholders (including NGOs) participate. Check your country in this list Then make sure you sitat the table YES Ask why! Ask why!