Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals – The Role of the European Union

The role of culture for sustainable development is reflected in a cross-cutting manner in many of the targets of Agenda 2030, thus the Agenda is essential to international cultural relations and external cultural policy on EU member states level, but also for the EU’s external cultural relations. In addition, the implementation of the Agenda applies to all countries around the world including civil society based on partnerships. Where do we stand today 5 years after the adoption of the Agenda 2030?

Gijs de Vries gives an overview of the current status of the implementation at EU level and points out policy recommendations for the member states, the Commission, the European External Action Service and the European Parliament. This publication forms part of ifa’s Research Programme “Culture and Foreign Policy”, in which experts address relevant issues of international cultural relations and foreign policy. The aim is to scientifically accompany foreign cultural policy, to develop new concepts in the dialogue between science, culture, politics and the media.

Source: Institute für auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)