The 2018 Peer Review on the German Sustainability Strategy

The German Government invited the International Peer Group to review its Sustainable Development Strategy.


1. Keep what works, elevate what is good, and change what has failed to deliver.
2. Make the institutional architecture charged with implementing the GSDS more
3. Raise the level of ambition for what Germany can achieve.
4. Foster a more conducive enabling environment for Leaving No One Behind.
5. The Federal Government should strengthen the executive’s central coordination
capacities and address off-track indicators promptly.
6. Parliament: there needs to be more powerful parliamentary scrutiny.
7. The Council for Sustainable Development’s independent role should be strengthened.
8. Revamp communications.
9. Enhance both capacity for systems thinking and education for sustainability.
10. Indicators: expand budgets for and activity on tracking progress.
11. Deal with emerging issues and apply the principles of the GSDS to Germany’s global

Report by Report by the International Peer Group