Sustainable Development Report 2019: transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Report 2019 presents an updated SDG Index and Dashboards with a refined assessment of countries’ distance to SDG targets.

As in previous years, the Sustainable Development Report 2019 presents the most up-to-date metrics to gauge the performance of countries on the SDGs. Trends are presented at the level of goals and for 75 individual indicators. This year, we are able to report trends as of 2015 – when the SDGs were adopted – for 11 indicators (primarily for OECD countries). While this is progress, it underscores how infrequently the key data on the SDGs are collected today. The world needs to invest more resources in timely SDG data, including real-time data. Modern technologies present opportunities for real-time monitoring of many goals.

Once again, Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden and Finland – top the SDG Index. Main findings:

1. High-level political commitment to the SDGs is falling short of historic promises
2. The SDGs can be operationalized through six SDG Transformations
3. Trends on climate (SDG 13) and biodiversity (SDG 14 and SDG 15) are alarming
4. Sustainable land-use and healthy diets require integrated agriculture, climate and health policy interventions
5. High-income countries generate high environmental and socio-economic spillover effects
6. Human rights and freedom of speech are in danger in numerous countries
7. Eradicating poverty and strengthening equity remain important policy priorities

Source: SDSN & Bertelsmann Foundation