Sustainability Agenda The Netherlands

This Sustainability Agenda sets out the government’s ambitions to make society more sustainable, as well as our main focal points and planned actions for creating a green economy. The government aims to achieve growth that does not exhaust the natural capital of the Earth, and to strengthen our economy. Green growth will ensure that future generations are able to meet their needs and will also provide opportunities for Dutch industry, which is a world leader in sectors such as water and food production. Investing in green growth means investing in competitiveness. There is growing recognition of the fact that the interests of ‘people’, ‘planet’ and ‘profit’ can be reconciled, and that this is indeed necessary to remain competitive. We can make our economy greener only if we join forces, not only at home, but also on a European scale and internationally.

Source: State Secretary for Infrastructure & the Environment, the Minister for European Affairs & International Cooperation, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation and the Minister of the Interior & Kingdom Relations