SDG Watch Europe input to the Reflection paper on EU finances

Even though the EU budget has changed a lot in the last decades, it still requires ambitious reform to enable it to be a positive driver of change, meet the expectations of the people for an ambitious future for Europe, and accordingly support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability principles for the future EU budget to be applied as an inseparable set:

1. The EU budget shall work for the people and with the people, with greater transparency, respectful of diversity and meaningful participation of the citizens.
2. The EU budget shall strengthen the common European values, in Europe and globally.
3. The EU budget shall increase well-being and contribute to decreasing inequality and social exclusion at all scales
4. The EU budget shall take a holistic approach, support systems change and promote innovation, which is required for the transition to sustainability and building a circular economy.
5. The EU budget shall serve a diversified and resilient economy and society, where the full potential of all communities, organisations and businesses of any size is fully achieved.
6. The EU budget shall serve the public good.
7. The EU budget shall contribute to decreasing the total environmental pressures (use of natural resources, use of land and emissions of waste, toxic substances, greenhouse gases and alien genotypes) to return to within planetary boundaries, and should not contribute to shifting of environmental pressures in time and space.
8. The EU budget should contribute to improving the state of environment and maintaining and restoring ecosystem services, which is the very foundation of our society and economy.

SDG Watch Europe calls on the European Commission to sustainability-proof the future EU budget (MFF) based on the above principles.

Source: SDG Watch Europe