Progressing national SDGs implementation: An independent assessment of the voluntary national review reports submitted to the UN HLPF in 2018

The Third Edition in an annual series commissioned by civil society organisations

This report, the third edition of Progressing National SDGs Implementation, aims to provide useful insights and suggestions to inform these discussions and help guide improved implementation and reporting. It documents and analyses all 46 VNR reports submitted in 2018 to the HLPF, as well as a sample of civil society reports also produced in 2018 for the HLPF; and it includes recommendations for improving implementation of the 2030 Agenda the VNR process and reports, and strengthening accountability.
The review identifies good and best practices and provides recommendations on how governments, civil society organisations and other stakeholders can improve their efforts. It also provides recommendations on how countries can improve their reporting to the HLPF by meeting and building on the Secretary General’s voluntary common reporting guidelines for VNRs.

Source: coalition of NGOs. A Steering Committee guided preparations of this report. It was led by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) and comprised of the following individuals and organisations: Sesheeni Joud Selvaratnam, ActionAid – Denmark; Oli Henman, Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD); Bihter Moschini, ANND; Claire Godfrey and Kit Dorey, Bond; Diego Martinez-Schutt, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD); Fraser Reilly-King, CCIC; Deirdre de Burca, Forus; Lynn Wagner, IISD; Andrew Griffiths,
Sightsavers; Isabella Montgomery, Together 2030; Arelys Bellorini, World Vision International; and Ruth Fuller, WWF-UK.