Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens

Despite the European Union’s great legacy and mission, the response of European decision makers’ to the financial crisis, to combating climate change and environmental degradation, to halting growing inequality and undermining women’s rights, to scandals such as those in our food system and Dieselgate, and to increased migration by closing our borders to those in need, have unfortunately run contrary to the core values of the EU and have walked back some of the historical gains we fought for.

People feel that the economic and financial interests of the wealthy are prioritised over the common good.


That is why (200+) civil society organisations all around Europe are uniting to bring people together to discuss the “Europe we want”, and to put this on the agenda of the forthcoming European Parliament elections.
The manifesto is also available in DE,IT,PL,DK,ES,GR,HU,CZ,SL,FR,PT here.

Source SDG Watch Europe