Italy and the Sustainable Development Goals : ASviS Report 2019

This ASviS Report for 2019, now in its fourth edition, introduces several innovations. The Report sets out the position of Italy, its regions and the European Union with regard to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, analyses the regulatory output of the last twelve months, and puts forward proposals to improve Italy’s economic, social and environmental performance, thereby reducing the stark inequalities that characterise our country. The 21 Targets that Italy has committed to achieving by 2020 are then analysed in depth.

Once again, this year’s Report reveals Italy’s many contradictions. On the one hand, there have been alarming delays and the lack of a clear implementation strategy for the 2030 Agenda. On the other, encouraging signs have emerged, such as the new government’s commitment to include the principle of sustainable development in the Constitution, to have an Urban Agenda for sustainable development, and to orient policies towards the green economy, the circular economy and combating forms of inequality, including genderbased ones.
ASviS has become a reference point in the debate on sustainable development in Italy, and is unique at international level. Once again, the Alliance’s membership has grown this year (currently standing at 227, plus an additional 111 associates), and its activities have expanded.

Source: ASvis