EU/MS comments on the UNEA-3 outcomes

Following further reflections on UNEA-3 outcomes, EU/MS are of the view that a successful UNEA-3 should result in the following three products, all related to the theme of pollution:

– an Outcome document, preferably a Ministerial Declaration, which would spell out a concise Global Framework for Action and that should speak to the international community, citizens, business and constituencies at large
– meaningful voluntary pledges/commitments of actions. Such commitments would be made bottom up from both states and non-state actors or multi-stakeholder partnerships and across all levels and regions. This will strengthen the action oriented nature of UNEA3. It would be useful to invite stakeholders and Member States to make
meaningful commitments well in advance.
– a limited number of resolutions related to the theme, that facilitate implementation of the outcome document (and that may include ‘flagship initiatives’).