EESC recommendations on SDGs welcomed, gaps highlighted

SDG Watch Europe welcomes the European Economic and Social Committee’s (EESC) recommendations on the implementation of the SDGs in and by the EU.

SDG Watch Europe agrees with the EESC that the EU must show international leadership while the Agenda 2030 must become the strategic framework for the future of Europe. They share the EESC’s concern that the EU is still lacking an ambitious overarching European Strategy for sustainable development that would ensure a holistic, coordinated and systematic approach, and put sustainable development at the core of all EU programmes, policies, actions and financial instruments. Moreover, they also share the EESC call that civil society must be part of the full implementation cycle of the SDGs including designing implementation policies, participation in governance frameworks, as well as monitoring and review.

However, SDG Watch Europe goes further in several of its demands.

Source: SDG Watch Europe