Development Strategy 2030

The Slovenian Government has developed a strategic vision for the country supported by a long-term national development strategy to achieve a number of goals towards that vision by 2030 and meet its commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This report uses a multi-country and multi-sector modelling framework to develop a baseline scenario of the Slovenian economy until 2050, taking into account
developments in neighbouring countries and, more broadly, the major regions of the world.

The report proposes a menu of policy options that could support the strategy elaborated by the government to achieve the main goals. The scope for improving the economic performance through structural reforms across a broad range of policy areas is illustrated through multiple scenarios developed with the modelling framework as alternatives to the baseline projection. Each scenario shows how productivity, employment (overall and for specific groups), life expectancy, greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency are impacted by changes in labour and product market policies, as well as by reform in the health sectors and environmental policies.

Source: OECD