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Ready for change? Global goals at home and abroad

This report aspires to contribute to an ambitious and concrete implementation of the SDGs. With the participation of over forty Dutch development organisations, research institutions and environmental organisations, the report analyses existing Dutch and EU policies from an SDG perspective. It brings forward specific policy recommendations about how the Netherlands the EU and its member states …

Cross Cutting, Goal 03, Goal 13, Goal 16
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Illegal Logging Portal

A number of the SDGs directly apply to forests and the 1.6 billion people whose livelihoods depend on them, many of whom live in developing countries. Goal 15 includes the aim to sustainably manage forests, halt deforestation and restore degraded forests, and with forests having a major part to play in mitigating climate change, Goal …

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Green Bond Framework

The State Treasury of the Republic of Poland represented by the Minister of Development and Finance (State Treasury of Poland) has developed a green bond framework in accordance with which it intends to issue green bonds that will fund environmentally beneficial projects in Poland. This Green Bond Framework has been published in a separate document.

Goal 07, Goal 13, Goal 15
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The responsibility dimension of the SDGs beyond national borders:Tracking Germany’s Biomass Consumption

In this paper we apply two different methods to analyse the supply chains of soy and palm oil for German use and consumption, and the displaced (external) environmental impacts associated with this consumption: a) the environmentally extended multi-regional input–output (MRIO) model IOTA; and b) the enhanced material flow analysis (MFA) model SEI-PCS.

This paper presents …

Goal 02, Goal 06, Goal 07, Goal 11, Goal 12, Goal 13, Goal 15
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FSC: a tool to implement the SDGs

This document demonstrates that FSC is clearly a significant instrument for achieving 11 goals and 35 targets part. Indeed, FSC is a relevant partner for all who seek to take action – based on legal and customary rights, and the engagement of all interested parties – to support sustainable natural resource management and the achievement of social …

Goal 01, Goal 02, Goal 05, Goal 06, Goal 07, Goal 08, Goal 12, Goal 13, Goal 15, Goal 16, Goal 17
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