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Action 4SD

Conscious of the need to build a broad-based movement and of the need to strike an effective balance between pausing to draw lessons and retaining the momentum, the following four global civil society networks have agreed to work together to oversee the next steps in building this new global platform on sustainable development:


Cross Cutting
SDG coalitions

UNEP Climate Change and SDGs

Very short video linking Climate Change to all SDGs.

Urgent action to combat climate change and minimize its disruptions is integral to the successful implementation of the #GlobalGoals.

Source : UNEP

Cross Cutting, Goal 13
Social media

Budapest water summit 2016: messages and policy recommendations

The messages and Policy Recommendations of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 were gathered in this document.

Regarding the five high level messages it was highlighted water is not only the most critical natural asset, but also is an enabler and an inter-connector. At the same time the document stresses that the increased water-related vulnerability and …

Goal 06
Policy papers
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