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Falling through the cracks: Exposing inequalities in the EU and beyond

Despite the European union’s commitment to leave no one behind, millions of people in Europe are falling victim to widening inequalities. This EU wide report, shines a light on the impact of rising inequalities on people and planet. It maps the reality of various forms of inequality, both nationally and at the European level. It …

Published: June 18, 2019
Goal 10
Austria, Czech Republic, EU, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain
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Video #FightInequalities campaign

Video from the #FightInequalities campaign part of the Make Europe Sustainable for All project.

For a peaceful world we need an equal World.

Cross Cutting, Goal 10
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#FightInequalities campaign

This graphic shows the interlinkages betweens SDG 10 and other SDGs. It’s part of the Make Europe Sustainable for All project inequalities campaign launched during the European Development Days on the 6 of June in Brussels.

Source: https://makeeuropesustainableforall.org/fight-inequalities/

Goal 10

Overhaul of farm policy crucial for EU to meet sustainable development goals, new study shows

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is not even delivering on its own stated objectives let alone on several of the relevant Sustainable Development Goals that the European Union holds up as its guiding principles.


Source: EEB

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The CAP is no longer fit for purpose – We need the right ingredients and a recipe for a Living Land!

This document contains the preliminary findings of a study commissioned by EEB and BirdLife Europe on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
The goal of the study is:
• To examine the peer-reviewed evidence regarding the CAP’s impacts on our society, economy and the environment
• To assess whether the CAP fulfills:

Goal 01, Goal 02, Goal 03, Goal 06, Goal 07, Goal 08, Goal 10, Goal 12, Goal 13, Goal 15
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SDG charter

The SDG Charter will work on enabling SDG Solution Partnerships, together with the Major Alliance, a joint initiative of philanthropy, business and government. They are in the process of starting up various partnerships with a clear action focus.

Seventy organisations from business and civil society are signatories of this charter and they are ready to …

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